Do Product Reviews Help?

I know I have wondered, and I bet you have too – are product reviews really that helpful to the consumer? Do product overviews really help you to make an intelligent buying decision, or are they just another form of information overload? Let’s break down the anatomy of a product review so we can see for ourselves.

What Are The Benefits of a Detailed Product Overview?

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1-Product Reviews Save You Time

Good product reviews save you time

A well researched product analysis can save the average shopper hours of searching through websites looking for the real low down on the product they are interested in buying. When all the pertinent information is presented to the consumer in a well organized, and easy to read format it makes the buying process a lot more fun.

For instance, if you want to see how certain features (and prices) compare to another brand you are considering, or if both brands have what you are looking for – a comprehensive chart explaining all the features and how they work can be really helpful. I would look for a review that compares the top 1-5 products in the product category you are interested in – this saves you the time of looking up all this information on your own, recording it, and putting it side-by-side for comparison…can you see the value now?

2-Product Reviews List All The Features and Explains Their Benefits in Simple Terms
Product reviews explain the product benefits in simple terms

It is always a smart thing to learn about ALL the features of each item you are considering buying before making a purchase. In your hurry to get whatever you are after and use it, you can very well over look a few things about this product that you may or may not like. Although a comparison chart will help to lay them out for you, you still need a detailed explanation of what each of these features do, and why that is a benefit, or maybe not a benefit to you.

3-Product Reviews List All The Product Specifications
Good product reviews let you compare product specifications

A well planned out product review will have to include the product specs so they are readily available to you while you are making your decision about which product to buy. Even though these specifications are available on the manufacturer’s site, once again, this will save you, the consumer, time by not having to surf to each website and collect the data yourself.

4-It Will Include A Well Thought Out Pros and Cons Section
Good product reviews include a comprehensive list of pros and cons

Now, many people will ask themselves why does the opinion of a review writer matter? That’s a good question! And here is my answer to those people. A good pros and cons section of a review WILL NOT be the sole opinion of the review writer, the writer will research through many customer reviews on different sites and sum up their collective opinions for you. It would be nice if they (the reviewer) also included some excerpts of the original reviews, as well.

In the end you should be able to get a pretty good idea of what the majority of the people who have already bought this product think about their purchase. With that said, a ‘good’ pros and cons section will help you (the consumer) to make a well informed decision before buying the product you are interested in.

5-It Will Have Product Pictures and Videos (When Available)
A good product review will also include videos and pictures

Another thing that will make your product research easier and more enjoyable will be detailed pictures of the products in question, and videos if they are available from the manufacturer’s website. Videos are great because they usually show the product in action which gives you a better feel for how it will work in the ‘real world’.

6-It Will Have an Impartial Rating Section
A good product review will include an impartial rating system

A good product review will conclude with a rating and recommendation section in which the reviewer will use all the data to draw a conclusion as to which product is the best choice, and the reason why. Remember this rating will be based on ALL the data, and not just the reviewer’s opinion. You will have all the data to read and examine as well, so you can draw your own conclusions.

Are Product Reviews Helpful to the Consumer?
A good product review will give you product transparency

I hope you can now see just how useful a well-written product review can be to someone who is trying to make an intelligent buying decision. Not all review sites are useful, but the one’s that are created to help people, and not just sell you a product, are very helpful, and a welcome addition to the internet community.

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