Draculaura Costume Review

Do you (yes, this comes in a woman’s size too) or your daughter want to dress up in a Monster High Draculaura costume this year for Halloween? Are you confused on where to find the best prices, or what places offer the accessories that will make or break the look of your costume?

Well, you have come to the right place. We can help you track down the best prices along with the best values in the shortest amount of time.

After researching the top 10 Google results for the search term “Draculaura Costume”, and comparing them, we have found that there are not only different styles, prices, and places to buy a kids (or adults) costume like this, but some of the choices are much better than others in value, look, feel, and durability.

You get what you pay for, and sometimes trying to save money has ended up costing some customers more in the long run.

So, where did we find the best Draculaura costume for kids?

After doing research on the top 10 sites for buying a Draculaura costume we found that there was quite a few different variations of this outfit.

Some came with more accessories than others, and surprisingly were also a better buy too. The main thing that it looks like every costume is lacking, is the draculaura wig. You will also need your own makeup, but you can most likely find what you need at home, or you can purchase an inexpensive Draculaura makeup kit along with your costume.

Because the Draculaura Wig and boots really define the outfit you will want to include these additional items as part of your Draculaura costume. Thankfully, you can buy a deluxe costume set with boot covers for a few dollars more (see table below) so you won’t have to go out and purchase a pair of expensive boots just for Halloween.

Below we have created a comparison table that will quickly let you compare the top draculaura costume packages that are available out there on the internet.

Compare Draculaura Costume Prices And Accessories

WebsitePrice Deluxe EditionFree Shipping Free Exchange
Tall Amazon Buy Button*BEST
Costume Super Center$29.99YesYesYes
Costume Express$24.99NoOrders Over
Spirit Halloween$24.99NoNoYes
Halloween Express$34.99NoYesYes

*Amazon has THE BEST DEAL not only does it have the lowest price, it’s the Deluxe Edition Draculaura Costume, to boot, and includes many more features that the others, do not.

What Are Customers Saying About The Draculaura Costume For Kids?

When you really want to know how good a product is you go check out the customer reviews for that particular item. Since Amazon was the best choice because of price and selection, we went over and looked at the customer reviews for The Monster High Deluxe Draculaura Costume, and this is what we found.

As a huge fan of Dracula this is the one that my granddaughter wanted. She loves it so much that we couldn’t get it off her for 3 days. Even with all that wear it held up well.
Amazon Customer – Nancy Garner “Grandma”

This costume is exactly as it was described. I am completely satisfied with the product and envisage my daughter wearing it to many costume parties in the future until she obviously grows out of it. A recommendation I would make to new customers is ensure you have your sizing correct and if you don’t know don’t guess take measurements then match it the size charts.
Amazon Customer – clihew1

I give it five stars because she loves it. She is a BIG fan of Monster High but Draculaura is her favorite. The quality of the costume was better than expected and the fit was very good.
Amazon Customer – Dolores J. James “Trivia Fanatic”

It seems that most of the people who bought this costume are very happy with it, and that (besides the GREAT PRICE) is why it is our pick as the best Draculaura Halloween costume – hands down.

There are many more great reviews with the occasional bad review, but you can’t please everyone, right? If you are interested in reading more reviews about The Draculaura Costume just click on this link ⇒ More Customer Reviews.

So make sure your child has a great Halloween this year and pick up the Monster High Deluxe Draculaura Costume today while they are still in stock – pricing and availability are subject to change.

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