Clawdeen Wolf Costume Review

Is your “little ghoul” planning on prowling around in a Monster High Clawdeen Wolf costume this Halloween? Well then, I guess you will want to know where you can buy one at the lowest price, right?

The “regular” Clawdeen Wolf Halloween costume comes with a cool, faux-fur-trimmed jacket with attached tiger-striped shirt, purple skirt, faux-leather belt and matching choker. But, to complete the total furry fashionista look you will also need the wig, boot covers, and makeup kit…agreed?

Ok, let’s get started.

After searching for a Clawdeen Wolf costume on Google and looking through the first page results we found that there isn’t any costume that comes with the wig or makeup kit, this seems to be a standard among all the Monster High costumes on the market.

The regular Clawdeen Wolf Halloween costume comes with a jacket with attached shirt, skirt, belt, and matching choker.

The Monster High Deluxe Clawdeen Wolf costume comes with a jacket with attached shirt, sturdier skirt, belt with metal studs, matching choker with studs, and boot covers to complete the look.

You will still need to buy the clawdeen wolf wig and clawdeen wolf makeup no matter which costume package you decide on, but we found a pretty good deal on those items as well.

Browsing through the various customer reviews on different sites we found that overall most customers preferred spending the few extra dollars to buy the Monster High deluxe Clawdeen Wolf costume as opposed to the cheaper (and lower quality) regular Clawdeen Wolf costume.

We suggest that you truly consider the upgrade to the deluxe costume to save yourself money and aggravation in the long run, and make your little monster happy.

Clawdeen Wolf Costume Accessories

As we mentioned earlier even if you buy the Monster High Deluxe Clawdeen Wolf Halloween costume you will still need (at least) two more items to make the look complete, and make your little creature happy this Halloween.

Since she cannot morph herself in the light of the full moon, you will need to get the Clawdeen wig and for the ultimate “howling” effect Clawdeen makeup kit to help her along on the transformation from little girl into furry fashionista.

But first, we need to find the best price on a Deluxe Clawdeen Wolf costume, and that is what the table below is all about…price and accessory comparison.

WebsitePrice Deluxe EditionFree Shipping Free Exchange
Tall Amazon Buy Button*BEST
Buy Costumes$24.99NoNoNo
Official Monster High Costumes$25.75NoNoNo
Spirit Halloween$24.99NoNoYes

*Amazon has THE BEST DEAL because even though the price is slightly higher, it is the Deluxe Edition Clawdeen Wolf Costume, and includes many more features that the others, do not.

Customer Reviews For The Clawdeen Wolf Costume

The best way to judge how well a product performs “after the sale” is by browsing through customer reviews to measure overall customer satisfaction with their purchase. We have taken the liberty of doing this for you ahead of time, and we wanted share a few of the comments we found with you below.

Monster High Deluxe Clawdeen Wolf Costume – Large

Great Costume. A lot better than some of the plastic or cheap costume they were putting out last Halloween. The stocking/boots helped to really make the costume. My 8 year old absolutely loved it & had a great time for Halloween.
Amazon Customer – K. Campbell


Received this and my daughter could not put it on fast enough! Adorable costume! I’m sure it will get alot of use! So excited for Halloween! These are pretty popular this year! Glad I got mine early!
Amazon Customer – Momma of 3 “mommaof3”

Very cute

I got this costume because the skirt looked way cuter, I also loved that the jacket was not attached to the shirt. I liked the “studs” on the belt and choker. We fluffed the “fur” on the jacket and I did need to do some ironing on the skirt to achieve the full pleated look. However I did expect this with packaging and mailing. I added some stick on velcro to the belt that I had around to make it fit my daughter a bit better. The one thing I did not like was how tight the boot tops were, my daughter is very skinny and yet we had difficulty getting them on; ofcorse then the boot tops don’t fall down but still surprised me how small they were. Overall it is a very cute costume and my daughter has been running around in the jacket for at least a month.
Amazon Customer – Wolfyette

There are a lot more reviews and comments like these, and if you would like to read more of them, just click here ⇒ Read More Customer Reviews.

It seems like the customers on Amazon were very happy with their choice to buy the Monster High Deluxe Clawdeen Wolf Costume that was offered on Besides the great price (as reflected in our pricing comparison chart above) it was also durable, a good fit, an overall great product, and made their little ghouls very happy, and after all, isn’t that what Halloween is all about?

So make sure your child has a great Halloween this year and pick up the Monster High Deluxe Clawdeen Wolf Costume today while they are still in stock at these prices – prices and availability are subject to change.

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